You are ready to remember
The exquisite beauty of you
The divine nature of you
The absolute worthiness of you
The infinite power of you

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is possible

Few people know this about me.

Fourteen years ago, I left an abusive marriage. I was at the very bottom of the self-esteem scale. I truly believed I had the worth of a piece of garbage you would find in the street. Piece by piece, I put myself together into a brand new me ~ forging new thoughts (and beliefs) of how wonderful and beautiful and full of worth I am.

Had I not had that experience, I would not know today how precious and worthy we all are. I would not have discovered our divine nature, mine and yours. I would not tap into source as I do and convey messages about how amazing we all are.

It has been an amazing journey ~ every single week, month and year better than the last.

I am a testament to what is possible.

You can adore every cell of you, every thought you have, every thing you have ever done.

If you are already there, come celebrate with me.

If you are not, know that not only is possible for you, it is waiting for you.


© 2013 Christine Schaefer

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