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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All the Flavours of Alignment

I love all the flavours of alignment.

Sometimes I prefer the full-of-myself, invincible, I am Wonder Woman flavour of alignment. I am certain that I can put my fist to the ground, like Superman, and blast off into the ethers. Anything I put my mind to is mine immediately. I can feel the energy of the universe flowing through my body to my very fingertips. It seems as if electricity will come out of them. When I am in this vibration, I am sassy as hell and full of myself to the point of arrogance. I adore this feeling. I am wielding my power fully. I know there is nothing, absolutely nothing, I cannot be, do and have. I am one with the power that creates worlds. I am infinite.

At other times, I drop very, very deep into my being. Infinitely peaceful and expansive, I can hold the entire world within myself. I am a mountain of peace and presence. My presence is immovable. I am the I AM. I am All That Is. I am the well-being of the universe. At these times, I hold the absolute knowing of who you are. Nothing you can do or so will take me from that knowing. I am the very presence of god.
There are other moments when the goodness of life so fills my being that I bubble over into laughter and joy. I feel like a little child, full of wonder and the knowing that all is well, we are being looked after in every moment, and there is not a single thing to concern ourselves with. Life is light. Life is a playground for me to explore and delight in. I want to skip down the street and hug and kiss everyone I meet. I want to yell out, ‘Isn’t life fun?!’ and then bounce away to some other wonderful adventure.

I love those times of pure ecstasy, when the universe seems to be making love to me. The ocean makes love to my feet as I stand in the surf. The sun caresses my cheek with its divine fingers. The wind kisses my skin. The leaves rustling on the trees are applauding me as I walk by.

How wonderful to be human. How delightful to be in a physical body and experience all of this.
More please! 
© 2013 Christine Schaefer

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