You are ready to remember
The exquisite beauty of you
The divine nature of you
The absolute worthiness of you
The infinite power of you

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Becoming a new version of Me

It is exciting to have given birth to a new version of me, one that is even more self-assured, more knowing of who she is. I love trying on her shoes and walking around in them as I get used to this new gait. It is always a bit weird at first. It is rather like trying on heels that are much higher than I am used to. I am wobbly!

As the hours and days pass, I become comfortable in my new skin. And I get to watch as the universe reflects back to me my new self.

I feel deeply blessed to be on this path of growth and exploration.

Namaste, friends!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Allowing the light to touch our dark places

Painful experiences have a beautiful way of opening us. I have found that when I feel some intense negative emotion and allow myself to really feel it deeply, compassion for myself rises from within. I open more widely to Source and to the goodness it is always flowing to me. Miracles happen.

Allowing myself to feel negative emotion deeply creates the opportunity for light (the love from Source) to enter those dark places and heal them.

I found an example, a note I had written about a year ago:

'Today, I received a bill in the mail for a large and unexpected amount, the result of a decision I made a couple of weeks ago. I immediately felt negative emotion about it (mostly to the tune of 'why the hell did I make that decision?') and money worries.

I sat down to meditate and quiet my mind because the negative emotion felt like hell. As I began to have some lighter thoughts about it, I suddenly could feel Source kissing my face with the most tender, sweet love I have ever experienced. There was so much contained in that kiss that I continued to tune into the vibration. In doing so, I knew that I had been loved in every single moment of my existence with this deep, sweet, limitless love, no matter what I was doing in the moment. Judgement does not exist and it never has. Source has never and will never deviate from its abject, beautiful, pure love of us. I have decided to join in and see myself that way also.

I am going to write that cheque. I will write a huge 'thank you' on the envelope, too. It will be the most joyful payment I have ever made. They gave me the most beautiful gift when they sent it to me: the chance to focus on and feel the pure unconditional love Source has always had for me (and all of us). And my own personal decision to love myself like that, no matter what.'

© 2013 Christine Schaefer

Friday, October 25, 2013

It takes so little to land me straight in Heaven now

It takes so little now for me to slip into joy and bliss, those feelings I call Heaven.

I stepped out onto our front porch this morning into bright sun and sat to let the sun warm my face. The joy I felt was almost instantaneous.

Lately, I quiet my mind for just a second or two and the sweetest joy bubbles up. It is my new vibrational set-point.

You see, I have all but stopped doing that thing I do (I will have to start calling it that thing I did!). I spent many years berating myself in the privacy of my own mind for this or that. I have become so used to joy and well being that when those icky thoughts arise, I simply let them go.

The result has been this beautiful new set point from which joy and ecstasy are just a thought or two away.
© 2013 Christine Schaefer

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your radiance

© 2013 Christine Schaefer

Who am I


© 2013 Christine Schaefer

What is possible

Few people know this about me.

Fourteen years ago, I left an abusive marriage. I was at the very bottom of the self-esteem scale. I truly believed I had the worth of a piece of garbage you would find in the street. Piece by piece, I put myself together into a brand new me ~ forging new thoughts (and beliefs) of how wonderful and beautiful and full of worth I am.

Had I not had that experience, I would not know today how precious and worthy we all are. I would not have discovered our divine nature, mine and yours. I would not tap into source as I do and convey messages about how amazing we all are.

It has been an amazing journey ~ every single week, month and year better than the last.

I am a testament to what is possible.

You can adore every cell of you, every thought you have, every thing you have ever done.

If you are already there, come celebrate with me.

If you are not, know that not only is possible for you, it is waiting for you.


© 2013 Christine Schaefer

Hooray for those old crappy beliefs!

This morning, when I awoke, a thought of 'needing to be productive to be worthy' popped up, and I laughed!! How outrageous to believe that anything is required for any of us to be worthy, loved, adored! We were born worthy, and nothing could ever take that from us. How fun and light to know the truth!

I adore those old beliefs in this moment, because letting them go feels like champagne bubbles of joy inside. It feels like skipping down the street. It feels so light I may just turn into a hot air balloon and take off into the sky.

In moments like these, it is so clear that the joy really IS in the journey. If not for the heaviness of old paradigms, would we feel the ecstatic joy and lightness of the new ones?

I bless the old for what it has allowed in this moment, which is simply pure joy.

© 2013 Christine Schaefer