You are ready to remember
The exquisite beauty of you
The divine nature of you
The absolute worthiness of you
The infinite power of you

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hooray for those old crappy beliefs!

This morning, when I awoke, a thought of 'needing to be productive to be worthy' popped up, and I laughed!! How outrageous to believe that anything is required for any of us to be worthy, loved, adored! We were born worthy, and nothing could ever take that from us. How fun and light to know the truth!

I adore those old beliefs in this moment, because letting them go feels like champagne bubbles of joy inside. It feels like skipping down the street. It feels so light I may just turn into a hot air balloon and take off into the sky.

In moments like these, it is so clear that the joy really IS in the journey. If not for the heaviness of old paradigms, would we feel the ecstatic joy and lightness of the new ones?

I bless the old for what it has allowed in this moment, which is simply pure joy.

© 2013 Christine Schaefer

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