You are ready to remember
The exquisite beauty of you
The divine nature of you
The absolute worthiness of you
The infinite power of you

Friday, October 25, 2013

It takes so little to land me straight in Heaven now

It takes so little now for me to slip into joy and bliss, those feelings I call Heaven.

I stepped out onto our front porch this morning into bright sun and sat to let the sun warm my face. The joy I felt was almost instantaneous.

Lately, I quiet my mind for just a second or two and the sweetest joy bubbles up. It is my new vibrational set-point.

You see, I have all but stopped doing that thing I do (I will have to start calling it that thing I did!). I spent many years berating myself in the privacy of my own mind for this or that. I have become so used to joy and well being that when those icky thoughts arise, I simply let them go.

The result has been this beautiful new set point from which joy and ecstasy are just a thought or two away.
© 2013 Christine Schaefer

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